Friday, March 15, 2013

Welcome to Europe

We finally made it!
Spring break is here, although it's not much of a break for us.
After spending a free day in Chicago and flying 8 hours, we made it to Denmark. After waiting a crazy amount of time for everyone's luggage, we had our very own personal tour of Copenhagen.
Nyhaven Street and Canal in Copenhagen
Kirsten (I will find out her last name tomorrow), gave us a bus tour through the city and then we visited The Little Mermaid. A little history about The Little Mermaid; it was given to Denmark in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen. Since she was put into place, she has had her head cut off and stolen twice. The first time the head could not be found so they made a duplicate. When it was stolen the second time the thiefs left the head outside of of the local police station. The Little Mermaid has also had her arm broken off and stolen.

The Little Mermaid

The Choir Students with The Little Mermaid

Some of the girls standing on a bridge over the canal
After a little bit of free time to do some shopping, we made our way to Roskilde. We are staying at the Prindsen hotel which is in the middle of Roskilde. The Roskilde staff greeted us with an amazing dinner of salmon wrapped cream cheese, and veal with potatoes. The flavors were new to some people, but overall, most people enjoyed the food.
Where we ate dinner at Prindsen

Michelle performing on the stage

Table setting for dinner
After a night free in Roskilde, we get back to business tomorrow performing at the Roskilde Cathedral.
Another video will be coming shortly, so stay tuned!


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