Thursday, March 21, 2013

Left in the Cold - Monday, March 18th

And we are off to another town and more sight seeing.

We met bright and early to head to Odense.

Todays agenda consisted of another church, the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, and Koldinghus. We had alot to do in very little time, and this was seen later in the day.

Jordan and Mary enjoying Canute's Cathedral
(Sorry for the quality, lighting was bad)
We arrived in Odense and headed to St. Canute's Cathedral. This Cathedral was named after the Danish Saint, Canute. At this point the churches and Cathedrals are all starting to look the same, but this Cathedral had something that the others have not had so far; skeletons on display. The skeletons that were on display in glass boxes were that of St. Canute and his brother Benedict. Students were able to rome the church and see the Gothic Architecture.

Singing at St. Canute's Cathedral
Dr. Duffy surprised us with a mini concert at St. Canutes, but most of the students didn't mind because the sound of the church was amazing and carried our voices throughout. We sang two songs and then were off to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

Entrance to H.C. Andersen House
Waiting in the cold
Joslynn excited about the Hans Christian Andersen Museum
The Hans Christian Andersen Museum is usually closed on Monday's, but we had a reservation to have it opened especially for us; or so we were told. Apparently the museum didn't get the memo or didn't communicate well with everyone. We arrived at the museum and then had to stand outside for about 30 minutes before the exibit coordinator saw us standing in the cold and gave us a private tour of the museum. Almost everyone agreed that the private tour was better than just roaming on our own because we were able to get a backround of Hans Christian Andersen and heard mostly the interesting parts of his life. Unfortunately we were unable to buy any gifts at the gift shop.

Free time! We had a little bit of time on our own to grab some lunch and head back to the bus. We only had about an hour and a few students struggled with the time constraint. We had some students show up to the bus about ten minutes late, but we were still missing one person. More than 30 minutes after we were supposed to be back on the bus, we sent someone off to look for the lost student. They came back a short time later and we found out that a group of students decided to go to a sit-down restaurant for their short lunch break. After ordering and waiting for their food, they then had confusion with their bill which took a long time to sort out. This made us late for our next stop; Koldinghus.

View from the top of the tower
Koldinghus was built in the middle of the 13th century and is a very important castle for Denmark. It caught fire in 1808 and since has been restored and turned into a museum. Due to some students being late after lunch, we had very little time to roam the castle. This made many students angry because they weren't able to see the dungeon and many other parts of the castle.

After our short time at the castle we boarded the coach and headed to our next town; Vilslev, Denmark.

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